Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: "Not On My Watch"

As if 2009 had not given us enough of a pounding, on Christmas day we got the Nigerian Underpants Clown and the attempt to crash a planeload of good folks in Detroit, Michigan. Depressing.  Following that we got tons of explanations and accusations from media "experts", bloggers and FB posters, all focused on how he got through and all worried about how these clowns are getting the best of us because of what Bush or Obama did or did not do (depending on your politics)!  This was even more depressing.

I struggled with this for a few days, not sure about my own feelings until I had to fly on December 30.  As I went through security behind a couple of yahoos (Yahoos are impervious and often inebriated college age guys- I know this category well having lived in it for at least 10 years) cramming their Subway sandwiches, shakes and sodas into a grey plastic container on the conveyor belt, yucking it up and having a blast. I was shocked when they got everything through just five days after Detroit; I mean this was a stoned Cheech and Chong or Michael from the Sopranos, stepping on toes and violating every rule possible under the direct supervision of TSA! And they walked...I thought- "who do these guys stop?"

For a few seconds I thought about doing a citizen's arrest or at least asking TSA about it, then I thought, "who cares- I hope they're on my flight and I hope they make a move to do something because I will lose it all on them and NOTHING will happen on My Watch!"

They were not on my plane, and I had an incident free trip to LA except that this was a real awakening for me.  I think I accidentally happened on the attitude that saved the Detroit plane and also brought us the heroics on flight 93, two truly great moments.  On Detroit, passengers went leaping over seats to get a piece of the Nigerian; who can ever forget the passengers on Flight 93 storming the pilot's cockpit?   This attitude is a gift to us...something we can take and put into action whenever we need it- whenever we are bitching about things that are bad and how someone, the government or some bad guys, is screwing us and making life impossible....

It is time to take ownership in all things and let it all hang out.  When the going gets tough and I think of the potential for ugly results in anything, I am just going to say, "NOT ON  MY WATCH" then do what is necessary to bring about the just result.

From now on, no matter what the issue, I will carry this spirit with me in all I do.  My Resolution for 2010 and beyond is to kick ass in the name of what is right with a "NOT ON MY WATCH" attitude.

I encourage the same from everyone...government might help us, but not until we step up to the plate and take a swing.  Laying back and relying on others who may or may not help is a prescription for both failure and a continued depression of the spirit, of the country.