Friday, August 28, 2009

California Independence!

It is time for California to take matters into it own hands.  Again.  And this time for good.

I'll explain.  California is home to the three most important industries in the United States, arguably the only innovative industries developed in the US in the last 75 years- Entertainment, Information Technology and Life Sciences.  The rest of the US rides the waves set off in CA and poorly at that.

US Innovation happens in the Golden State because it is the only place with a 'prove yourself' culture that accepts all people based on what they are thinking and doing rather than where they have been and who they know. That culture saved the US through the Depression and WWII with the emergence of Hollywood Entertainment, the presentation of new ways and places. CA brought the US out of the backward culture of social serfdom and into the opportunities and upbeat outlooks of Camelot, the Sixties, Outdoor Sports and Sunshine- in short a culture of possibility. Later, the economic breakthroughs of  Internet technology and the delivery of new ways of using materials, physics, biology and chemistry saved US in the eighties, nineties and will do so again in this new century.

The East coast is parasitic, sucking on sweet CA success with bloated Government and Wall Street Casinos that add no value and prevent the development of new generations through a culture of entitlement, spendthrift habits and riverboat gambles on old ways of doing things.  Middle and South USA is plain ignorant, an abused sector with no imagination and little understanding of the power of possibility.

So it is up to CA to drag the US out of the economic mire again, but first there is some tie cutting to be done and some reorganization.  Each time we have inspired the world with innovation, the inevitable down cycle has hit US hard because of abuses in the financial sector and incompetence in the government sector.  The latest RECESSION is no exception.  We cannot call CA a center of innovation and intelligence if we continue to allow the thieves and incompetents to drag us down.

175 years ago I'd be calling for secession.  Today we don't have to.  Instead we can innovate and elevate. We innovate by developing a CA based financial system for feeding our engines of innovation- declare our financial independence from Wall Street.  We elevate by delivering a homegrown, progressive, populist, libertarian government that solves CA issues but is agile and intelligent AND comfortable to fade into the background when times are good.  Most importantly, we ignore the US government- yes, pay taxes and observe US laws, but stop counting on the US to do anything that is good and helpful; those categories will only happen in CA, so we must take care of things like health care and the other elements of the social contract.

Big thoughts and challenges I know, but this is easy when compared to doing what Google or Genentech or Tesla are doing.

So, What the Frac!   Let's get this done.  Now!

More on how in the coming days.

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