Saturday, December 5, 2009

Afghanistan- Why not Kick Ass Quickly and Leave?

Struggling to make sense of more troops in Afghanistan and find myself longing for the articulated, but abandoned Powell doctrine (Colin Powell circa 1992 after correctly turning back on the 'Road to Death' in the first war in Iraq)- only send troops if you intend to unleash their full fury (and accept the result)- bring them home asap and NEVER occupy anything- let the chips fall where may after you leave.  

What scares me about Afghanistan is that we are already occupying, we show no intent to really kickass and we are setting a timetable based on our western desire of a future for Afghanistan. I don't see any prospect for success and that makes me sad for our boys.

I hear this may be part of a grand regional strategy to contain Pakistan and India. I would love to understand that better and think that may be the product of too much Starbucks in the morning, too much Georgetown at night by State Department intellectuals pushing an overused army into its tenth year of war; close to the stretched out and failed war in Viet Nam.

Time to kickass and leave.


  1. I sincerely doubt we can "kick ass and get out". Look to the Russian experience. The terrain is too rugged and unfamiliar, giving any invader little chance of success. Unfortunately, our men and women are the invaders.

  2. Success is defined by the objective we set at the outset. In this case, getting out is the success. If anyone interferes in that process, they get their butts kicked.