Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Different Take

Saw Phaedra Ellis-Lamkin, successor to Van Jones at Green for All.  She spoke at the Tides Momentum conference today and shed some light on the Van Jones affair (Van's resignation after being pressed by the idiots at Fox).

Phaedra said:
1. Don't waste any time feeling bad for Van Jones or angry at Fox.
2. Van and Obama got what they wanted.

If you read between Phaedra's lines it is easy to come to a different, more hopeful conclusion from Obama's non-reaction and Jones' quiet departure than that many of us reached over the weekend.

How about this- Obama had/has a master plan with Jones, dating way back to December-

First, bring him in TEMPORARILY to lead the way and show the way on the Green for All provisions. He single handedly won over 100% support from the Black and Hispanic Caucuses which held up the Stimulus Bill for the Green Jobs provisions.

Second, let Jones take the ire of the right wing on the Green jobs issues (a form of communism, acc Fox), deflect it from Obama.

Third, leak some crazy info on Jones to the right wingers and let them lynch our man Van, very publicly.
Then have him resign, get the left all fired up (worked!) and get the right complacent about its ability to push Obama around just before the Health Care fist fight!

Last, put Jones back in the saddle at Green for All where he is most valuable, an incredible populist progressive who can really get shit done!

Far fetched?  I would think so if I had not heard the "top line" from Phaedra.  Makes me a bit more hopeful....

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