Sunday, September 6, 2009

Obama is a P****!

Obama has allowed the reactionaries to kill Van Jones, perhaps the only real "get it done" progressive populist on his team.  If you missed it, Jones resigned yesterday after coming under fire for remarks about Bush, Glen Beck and others.

The resignation is just the scratch of the surface on this one!  Obama uttered not one protective word to the world about the amazing things Van Jones has accomplished in his career as a civil rights leader and environmentalist; gave him no affirming send off; did not honor this amazing individual in any way.

Even worse is that while he was in the White House they did not use him to make things happen like he did at Green for All!

Jones has proven AUDACITY.  Appears Obama does not even have HOPE.

Embarrassing, shortsighted and weak.

There is very little to say in defense of our WEAK President.  Pathetic.

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