Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care

So, now that Congress has passed it, what do I really think?

I like some of it and hate most of it.  But the some of it I like is critical and a driving function to my support.  Unfortunately, the parts I hate may prevent a good system from ever happening.

I like: limitations on insurer cancellation rights for pre-exisiting or new conditions.

I hate: purchase requirements placed on the back of people we know cannot afford insurance without a way to administer the requirement which means one more Catch 22 of a government bureaucracy we know does not work where the law is clear and fair.  In this case the requirement itself is absurd and will never be enforced.

I like: (an unintended consequence) forcing more people into the system earlier should  mean better diagnostics, healthier people.

I hate: the concession to pricing that is free market driven with little or no subsidies for low end users (public option or single pater would be good) means the health professionals are free to gouge consumers while doing what they have already started- creating opt out programs for rich people with better care.  Don't get me wrong here as this is a good, classic American initiative that I will buy into to protect my family.  What irks me is that the very people who know they will move in this more private direction confused and conspired to crater a public option or single payer system that would guarantee QUALITY for everyone.  Proof once again that selfishness is at the heart of many of our COLLECTIVE decisions.  

My grade for this thing:  D.  Mostly because Obama wasted the political capital we gave him for a substandard health care package while he was giving the American dream to the Banks.

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