Monday, April 12, 2010

Overwhelming the Ignorance

I have tried to lay back for the last couple of weeks (since the passage of Healthcare) to see if the purveyors of ignorant drivel (Fox News and Repubs) would stop and recognize that they had actually won the Healthcare battle with the disinformation that reduced any real impact.

In fact they have not turned down the heat.  Instead they are escalating the propaganda because the apparent #s say the lies are working.    Dumbfuckistan, that uneducated and intolerant portion of the US that is informed by Rush and Fox and others who lie for a living, is getting more and more abusive.

This is leading us to what I predict will be a violent campaign in 2010, perhaps beyond to 2012.

Unfortunately, the only way around this is for Obama to keep his back straight, look the camera in the eye and take them on.  But we need more than that.  The rest of us need to be clear- we will not tolerate violence or threats or lies.  We must engage and educate.

Most importantly, we must follow the doctrines of Ghandi and King and do it non-violently.  We may have to take some hits, but we must not become fearful or reactionary.  We must continue on and fight with spirit, words and intelligence; with overwhelming numbers and an open, inclusive support system.  We must use the Network and drive the mainstream media to understand that we have the votes, the numbers, the money and the system and we are not giving any of that up.

This way always wins.  It will win again this time.

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