Sunday, May 16, 2010

Marin Energy Authority Must Go!

Concept of local control of Energy future is logical, good idea.  Perpetuating a fraud on the public (that MEA is using 25%+ renewable energy from the outset) is unacceptable; power play by local pols even worse.  What to do?  I'm afraid I don't tolerate lies, personal agenda in the midst of critical public policy.  MEA must go.  If you live in CA, vote yes on Prop 16.  If you live in Marin, opt out of MEA as your provider.  Hold our politics to the highest standards!    

I don't know how MEA escapes their self constructed ethical quandry. The fundamental premise of MEA is a falsehood and they are changing people's electrical service without their consent.

The local power argument is powerful, but has pretty basic flaws in my view;  If this was really about local power, it would carry the day.  Trying to make this about PG&E would have been a good idea, but in this case it looks like a facade for a power play based on deception. 

MEA got this power by promoting an untruth- that they could deliver renewables in high percentages; they can only do so by cooking the books, everyone knows it, they knew they had to lie from the start, which makes this painfully terrible. I would buy the local power argument and look on PG&E's ads as bad if MEA would undo all of ITS ads and web sites and marketing of this fundamental falsehood. 

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